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The "inner secrets" of the Obsidian Rook site:

unwelcome mat


     The Pile
     devnotes            sfpm logo explorations
                         balug logo explorations

     the doomfiles

     takes                    videocy
                              ted lecour's baraka

         San Francisco
         An idiosyncratic guide for the

      Some photo sets:


             zima                    ghosts
             telecommuting           man of action
                                     man of action 2
             boxes                   pining

             beach impeach 4
             day of noise 2007
             burning man 2007

      A few essays:
         Libertarianism, for people who don't give a shit.
         In defense of Cassini

       resume - perl/programmer oriented

                      my mozilla home page
                      (You can use this too.
                       Then I'll be a "portal".)

This is the current haven of Joseph Brenner, aka "The Voice of Doom".
Joseph Brenner, March 16, 2014